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Alaska Helicopter Flight Seeing Tours

There are few things more spectacular than touring Alaska by helicopter. Moments after lift-off, you’re soaring over snowcapped mountains toward unimaginably beautiful glaciers and remote wildlands few people have ever seen. Sightseeing by air, or “flightseeing” as it’s called up here, is one of the best things to do for your Alaska bucket-list.

Helicopter Vs Airplane

Both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters are great for flightseeing, but comparing the two, helicopters offer some significant advantages. The first thing you’ll notice in a helicopter is the crystal-clear view from the large windows, and a smoother, quieter ride than you’d have in an airplane. Because of maneuvering advantages like flying at lower altitudes, hovering, and landing gently in a small area, helicopters are ideal for observing Alaska’s breathtaking landscape more closely and finding the perfect spot to touch down on a glacier or ridgeline to explore.

Away From It All

Planning a trip to Anchorage or Seward? Our tour locations are close enough to Anchorage for a spectacular day-trip, but far enough from Alaska’s biggest city to feel truly away from it all. After an easy, scenic drive south, you’ll be in an Alpine Air helicopter touring a remote and wild glacier landscape you’ll remember forever.

Alaska Glacier Landing Tour

Girdwood Flightseeing Tours

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Our base for tours in Girdwood is just an hour’s drive south of Anchorage, or a quick trip on the Alaska Railroad. Known as “Glacier City”, Girdwood is a charming ski town surrounded by white tipped peaks of the southwestern Chugach Mountains. It’s home to the luxurious Alyeska Resort located at the base of Mount Alyeska with world-class downhill and nordic skiing, hiking and biking trails. Girdwood is a beloved Alaska destination for winter and summer visitors. Our tours from here are extraordinary year-round with each season bringing a different gift of beauty to the landscape. From our hangar at the Girdwood airport, we have unique access to many of the most remarkable peaks and alpine glaciers in this region, and close proximity to the idyllic Prince William Sound where you’ll find astonishing tidewater glaciers and unforgettable views.

Seward Flightseeing Tours

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Our newest location in Seward is two and a half hours south of Anchorage by car. On the Alaska Railroad, getting to Seward from Anchorage is a four-hour train ride through Alaska’s scenic backcountry and worth every moment. If you’re traveling to Alaska on a cruise, Seward is a popular port city for major cruise ship lines. Many vessels begin or end their Alaska cruise itineraries here, and provide bus links to or from Anchorage as well. Seward is a stunning harbor community located on an inlet of the Kenai Peninsula known as Resurrection Bay. It’s the gateway to Kenai Fjords National Park. What makes Seward such a special location for flightseeing is the incredible coastline and marine wildlife of the Fjords and the impressive tidewater glaciers of the terminating in the bays, often dotted with seal pups and puffins. You’ll also access some of the most spectacular glaciers and ice fields in all of Southcentral Alaska, including the giant Harding Icefield, which is the source of 40 glaciers. Our flights from here explore the wonders of Bear and Aialik glaciers which are the largest and longest glaciers in the Kenia Fjords National Park.