Each year we continue to expand our experience in assisting national and world-wide film projects. Whether you're an amateur or a professional we can accommodate your needs. Our experienced pilots have the competence to make your project efficient, safe, and cost effective. 

Here are some productions we have been associated with:

"Bear Frenzy" on Animal Planet, flying the show host and filming from the helicopter.

Two Coors Light beer commercials. These links take you to third party websites for viewing:

Coors Light Glacier   and    Coors Light Mountain Tap

"The Amazing Race" on CBS, 2008 and 2010. Episode 12 in 2008 filmed on Twentymile Glacier, contestants were flown in helicopters from the glacier to Merrill Field in anchorage. 

"Chasing Ice" the award winning documentary on climate change. We have been flying the photographer/director and researchers monitoring remote cameras which are filming glacier changes in Alaska.

"1000 Places to See Before You Die" TV series. We are featured in the first episode aired in 2007, Alaska.

Visit Anchorage "Tourism Works" Alpine Air Alaska is featured as an important employer in Alaska. Alpine Air also provided flight services for the promotional video seen on the Visit Anchorage website, look for the video "Tourism Works for Anchorage"

"Hidden Gems of Anchorage" by Peter Greenberg of CBS news, 2013 Glacier Dog Sled adventure on Punchbowl Glacier. His video can be seen on our website or Mr. Greenberg's YouTube channel.

"Building Alaska" Television program filmed outside of Tyonek, Alaska, 2014

"We're Here Alaska" Verizon Wireless introductory advertising campaign upon opening for service in the state. Fall 2014

ABC News 20/20 "Why did Chris McCandless go 'Into the Wild'?" Fall 2014

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Alpine Air Alaska - TV production support. Transporting ABC News 20/20 crew and subjects to a remote site outside of Healy, Alaska.Alpine Air Alaska - TV show support. ABC News 20/20 transports Chris McCandless' sisters to the bus where he died outside of Healy, Alaska.Alpine Air Alaska - TV show support. ABC News 20/20 flies from Healy to a remote spot in Denali National Park.
Alpine Air Alaska - Film production support. Alpine Air slings a load of gear to a remote site for filming a Coors Light commercial near the Knik Glacier. Staging at the Knik River Lodge.Alpine Air Alaska - Providing transport for local media outlets. Radio, TV, and print media visits Eagle Glacier where Alaska Pacific University operates the Thomas Glacier Training Center for Nordic Skiing.Alpine Air Alaska - Film production support. Alpine Air works with Ascending Path, a division of Glacier Film Productions, for filming commercials at various glaciers in the Chugach Mountain Range.Alpine Air Alaska - Charter flying. Crew support for the TV show Building Alaska outside of Tyonek.
Alpine Air Alaska - Charter flying. Remote support for the crew filming the TV program Building Alaska.Alpine Air Alaska - Film Support. Our helicopters work with local outfitters for Coors Light shooting a commercial.Alpine Air Alaska - Film Support. The Coors company chose Alaska for its amazing glacier selection for filming a commercial.Alpine Air Alaska - Film Support. How do you transport gear and crew across a canyon to set up a commercial film shoot? With helicopters of course. The set of a Coors Light Commercial.