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August Glacier Landing Flight Seeing Tour in the Chugach National Forest

Alpine Air Alaska - Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Wondering what you might see on a helicopter glacier landing flight seeing tour? Due to our location in Girdwood, Alaska, our backyard is full of glaciers. Depending on the day and what the pilot has seen, there are several amazing features you will view on your flight. This gorgeous August day showed off some blue glacier pools. Being and Alaskan, the pilot Matt, was able to point out aspects of the glacier formations to the guests. Ice caves and ice waves are usually visible in the summer. Ice caves a fun to look at, yet dangerous to walk under in summer as the ice is melting. Ice waves are just like waves in water, only they move much, much slower. The deep cracks in the ice mark the ‘waves.’ Some tours see mountain wildlife on the flight through rarely traveled landscapes. But always, glaciers are seen in their varying shapes, forms and colors. Matt knew of a comfortable landing location which enabled these guests to walk on snow and ice deep in the Chugach Mountains. Glacier landing flight seeing tours are available all year with Alpine Air. Landing in the soft winter snow of south central Alaska is a real treat. If you are running out of time to plan for this summer, consider a winter tour!

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