The easiest and most flexible way for you to get to us is to drive your own vehicle. Plug our address in to your GPS: 599 Mt. Hood Dr Girdwood, AK 99587.

Alpine Air Alaska provides free transportation within Girdwood when arranged in advance. Please call or include a pick-up request in your reservation. Options from Anchorage include all major car rental agencies, private shuttle, or train.

There is no public transportation from Anchorage, however, the Magic Bus is in operation May 1- Sept 30 with daily drop offs and pick-ups between Anchorage and Girdwood. Cost is $60 round trip per person.  907-230-6773

If you prefer a private shuttle, we recommend the following:

Northern Exposure Shuttle 907-242-5024 Cost is $90 each way for up to 4 people, + $15 for each additional passenger.

Four Seasons Trans Group 907-602-4056 Cost is $125 each way for up to 4 passengers, + $25 each additional passenger.

BAC Limo and Bus 907-222-2600 Cost varies depending on timing and vehicle.

Uber and Lyft now operate in Alaska and may offer more affordable rates. We recommend Eric (Rick) White: 907-306-5670     Uber code: Rickw2126ue        Lyft code: Eric09862

The Alaska Railroad has a train stop in Girdwood, but prices and schedules vary. Please note, there are no public facilities at the train station so waiting for extended time there is not recommended. Review their website for ticket information: